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5 Best Livable Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC

Couple in their new home in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte may not be as big or glitzy a city as New York, L.A., or even Philadelphia. But as these cities become overcrowded and pricier to live in, many are turning to alternative metropolitan areas like this North Carolina city.

Even with a population of less than a million people, Charlotte is already the most populous city in the Tar Heel State. Offering a convenient transport system, awesome housing choices, amazing diversity, and plenty of career opportunities, Charlotte comes with all the perks of city life, without the hefty price tag. Check out five of the city’s most livable neighborhoods.

1. Sharon Woods

Sharon Woods is a highly sought-after neighborhood that lies in the middle of the SouthPark area. Primarily a residential community, Sharon Woods boasts of churches and quality schools. With a score of 86 (, it ranks number one in livability not only in Charlotte, but also in North Carolina. The cost of living is 16% higher than NC’s average, while crime is 60% lower. The area’s high school graduation rate is 98%, and median home value is $302,250.

2. Oxford Hunt

Oxford Hunt is a small neighborhood made up mostly of culs-de-sac, making it a very quaint and quiet community that experiences very little through-traffic. It’s almost as good as Sharon Woods, with its 84 livability score and 97% high school graduation rate. It has a higher cost of living than Sharon Woods, owing to the area’s more expensive properties. Median home values in Oxford Hunt stand at $382,667.

3. Providence Park

Located between Cotsworld and SouthPark, Providence Park has a strong suburban feel along with an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary houses. It ranks third in livability in NC, with a score of 83, and has a current high school graduation rate of 91%. Its cost of living is just slightly higher than the state average at 7%, and median home prices are an affordable $188,550.

4. Providence Crossing

Wedged between the communities of High Gate, Vanderbilt of Providence and Providence Country Club, Providence is an idyllic developed community of single-family homes boasting wide sidewalks and large yards. It’s where the old and new collide, with just two miles separating the Providence Shopping Center and the recently built Flat Branch Nature Preserve. Providence Crossings’s livability score is 83 and it presently has a 97% high school graduation rate. Cost of living is 26% higher than the state, and median home values hover at around $399,225.

5. Ballantyne West

Nestled approximately 16.5 miles south of Charlotte, Ballantyne West sprung from a farmland just a few decades ago. Now housing Ballantyne Country Club, Ballantyne Golf Resort and Spa, and a sprawl bustling business areas where some of Charlotte’s Fortune 500 companies are headquartered, Ballantyne West boasts a livability score of 83, a 99% high school graduation rate, and an average home price of $296,475.

These highly livable neighborhoods are just some of the reasons that make Charlotte an ideal place to live. Learn more about Charlotte houses for sale by getting in touch with our real estate agents in Charlotte, NC today. Call us at 704.488.5458 or send an email to [email protected].