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Building your skills and knowledge as a real estate investor during the pandemic

Although the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is already underway throughout most parts of the world, the majority of the population in the U.S. still does not have access to it, at least for the time being.

As we await faster and wider distribution of the vaccine, many of us continue to spend most of our time at home. The good news however, is this gives us more opportunities to take advantage of the current situation, especially when you have some extra time on your hands.

For real estate investors, one way to do this is to improve your skills and knowledge in real estate investing. Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas:

Expand your network

Meeting up in person is still risky nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to expand your real estate network.

Almost everyone is now working remotely. You can interact with others on real estate forums and social media platforms, join webinars, check out virtual open houses, and more. All this gives you the opportunity to expand your network by connecting with real estate investors from all over the world. All you need to do is send them a private message, exchange phone numbers, or invite them to your mailing list.

Build your knowledge on real estate

Books on real estate can offer a wealth of experience and valuable insights from different industry professionals. Reading them will help you increase your knowledge, which can save you from committing the same mistakes made by other real estate investors.

You can also search online for videos, blogs, articles, and other resources on a wide range of real estate topics.

Attend an online class

You can find plenty of free online real estate classes that can help you with anything, whether you’re looking polish up on the basics or deepen your knowledge on the housing market. There are also group classes which give you the opportunity to interact with and learn from other investors.

You can find a wide array of free online real estate classes, including several offered by MIT, one of the top universities in the world. Other learning platforms such as Khan Academy, Coursera, and Udemy also offer a variety of classes on real estate, so be sure to take advantage of these excellent resources – they’re free to use, after all.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are perfect if you’re a multitasker. You can listen to them while doing chores, exercising, walking your dog, doing the laundry – you name it. There are tons to choose from as well, allowing you to build your knowledge, learn new tools of the trade, or stay updated with the latest news and current market conditions.

You can search for real estate podcasts on the Apple Podcasts app, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.

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