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How will COVID-19 change the way we design our home?

Effect of Pandemic on the way we design our Home

During this time of social distancing, our home has been our sanctuary. In adapting to the new norm brought about the pandemic, we remained largely sheltered in place. Eventually, our home also became our office, a classroom, a gym, and the roof under which we indulged fresh pursuits like baking, learned new life skills, and coped the best we could.

COVID-19 has reshaped the way we live and how we utilize our living space. Buyers are now looking for flexi-spaces and more private areas, which run counter to the open concept floor plan that had ruled modern residential interior design since the 1970s. This reimagining is just one of the design preferences that is evolving for the home of the future.

Dedicated workspaces

With the ongoing pandemic, many of us have shifted to working from home full time. Many families have had to convert corners or rooms to suit their new work and learning conditions. That meant rethinking our living spaces.

The work-from-home set-up is one significant driver in the next generation of homes. Instead of working from the dining table, home offices and study rooms will become the norm. Dedicated spaces that are conducive to productivity, light-filled, visually comfortable, and technologically stacked – high-speed internet, multiple Wi-Fi ports – are ideal design considerations. As more work meetings and socializing go virtual, homeowners desire a space that looks good on video and is free of ambient household noise.

Private outdoor area

With COVID-19 limiting our options to get a dose of sunshine and a breath of fresh air, homeowners will carve out a private outdoor space for relaxation , recreation, exercise, meditation, quiet times in the open, or simply have coffee. There will be an increased interest for homes with alfresco areas – balcony, patio, porch, a garden, or a micro backyard.

The lockdown also brought a renewed interest in self-sufficiency. Many homebuyers will utilize their outdoor area to grow herbs and vegetables to be self-reliant and foster family bonding.

Outdoor spaces that will incorporate an element of nature will provide respite from being inside the home for an extended period. A connection with nature brings a sense of serenity to your home and promotes your well-being.

High-tech anti-microbial living

Homeowners are prioritizing health and safety. In a study conducted by Gazelle Global Research’s America at Home Study, 50% of homebuyers want germ-resistant home features. The demand for high-tech antimicrobial home fixtures and finishes will be strong. Virus-resistant copper alloys can be used for taps and door handles because copper has a natural antimicrobial element. Materials like cork will be an option for flooring because of its ability to stop bacteria and microorganisms. Altering the surfaces of materials to prevent viruses from sticking to them is also being looked into.

More homes are upgrading to hands-free bathrooms, touchless faucets, smart lighting, digital door locks, and other smart appliances. For example, refrigerator doors you can open with your feet (popular in Japan) and sanitizing closets. Mudrooms are also being repurposed into disinfection areas.

Multigenerational living

The pandemic has accelerated the multigenerational trend in households. Kids are staying home, young adults are moving back with their parents, and families are staying together to pool their resources. Families have had a tough time during the lockdown because they were unable to visit their loved ones in senior living communities. As a result, families are mulling the idea of looking after their elderly in their own homes instead of moving them to nursing care.

Design for multi-generational homes range from extending existing homes to separate granny flats. Multi-gen homes have separate entrances from the main house, multiple kitchens, and suites that can be contained if a family member becomes ill. While families come together, a multi-generational home offers a separate space for family members to enjoy their privacy.

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