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Make the best use of your time while staying at home

family preparing foods inside their home

So much has changed in the way we lead our lives these days, especially with this pandemic hanging over our heads. Keeping distance from each other, observing safety protocols, and staying at home is among the most popular things to do this 2020, not just in the areas of Charlotte, Huntersville, Ballantyne, Fort Mills, SC, Highland Creek, and Uptown but also in the rest of the world.

Some people who were initially preoccupied with the demands of the workplace pre-pandemic are now faced with so much time in their hands that they are at a loss on what to do while being cooped up at home. But leave it to us to offer you some ideas on how to make use of this newfound downtime at home.

Here are your best bets to make the most out of staying at home with the rest of your family in this new normal:

Try your hand in painting

This pandemic may be wreaking havoc on a worldwide scale these days but on the brighter side, it may also be presenting an opportunity for you to discover your talents. Or, it may be giving you more time to engage in something you haven’t been able to do in a long time.

Painting is one of those endeavors that you and your kids can get into while sheltering in place. You can lock in on online painting lessons by local artists and learn the fundamentals without having to leave your doorstep. Even art materials can be ordered online these days so you can easily channel your inner artist and let your kids discover their talents.

String some beads to make colorful necklaces and bracelets

There is no limit to the kinds of beads you can use for your jewelry-making projects. In fact, you can go the whole nine yards, and instead of ordering premade ones, you can make your own beads using recycled stuff. For bead-making projects, try clicking here.

Get busy in the kitchen

Some would find it funny that it took a pandemic for them to learn how to cook – and cook well. This is, indeed, the perfect time to discover your inner chef, baker – or barista, for that matter. There’s the WorldWide Web to provide you with recipes, as well as videos that will help to get you shimmying in the kitchen and concocting fine meals for you and your family.

To start you off, here are some quarantine recipes using what you already have in your pantry and ref. For a little punch to your meal, learn to concoct your own cocktails by trying out the recipes here.

Knitting for inner peace

Our grannies have probably discovered the most effective way to shake off the anxiety brought about by this pandemic. They just find a cozy chair, take out their yarns and needles, and start knitting.

You, too, can make like Granny and try out this therapeutic activity. Local knitting advocate and yarn distributor Charlotte Yarn has online classes on knitting and crocheting for all levels of knitting expertise. They also have available beginner’s kits that you can order. So start knitting and achieve your inner peace!

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