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Positive changes we can look forward to in a post-pandemic world

Positive changes to look forward to in a post pandemic world

Right now, it’s still impossible to draw conclusions about what the world will be like after the pandemic is over. Although rollout of the vaccine has already started in the U.S. and other countries, we still do not know when it can bring the virus under full control. We don’t know how the economy will bounce back, or how the pandemic will ultimately affect international relations, our livelihoods, and society in general.

Based on how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives in the past several months however, there are some things that are likely to continue post-pandemic. In this page, we’ll take a closer look at a few positive changes we can look forward to in the “new normal” that will be here to stay.

Improved online learning platforms

Educational institutions have been constantly looking for innovative ways to improve distance learning, which is one of the positive effects of the pandemic. While equal access to proper equipment and technology is still a barrier, you can expect new tools in the future that will be specifically designed to bridge the gap.

Students in the post-pandemic world will be able to take advantage of better technology and platforms to learn, interact with teachers and fellow students, measure their progress, and more from the comforts of home.

Increased popularity of outdoor activities and venues

At the start of the pandemic last year, national parks across the U.S. saw a significant drop in visitors. Numbers rebounded eventually however, along with sales figures for bikes, RVs, and outdoor equipment.

According to the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, many people have spent more time outdoors last year. And because of restrictions, many have shifted away from recreational activities requiring travel (such as climbing or skiing), opting for more convenient activities like biking, bird watching, jogging, and gardening. Most cities have also created more space for parks, outdoor dining, and community events.

Hybrid work setups

Not all companies will implement fully remote working arrangements, but it’s safe to say that many will be more open to working from home in some form.

What you can expect are “hybrid” setups. Offices can serve as hubs for occasional meetings and collaborations, while online tools like Zoom will continue to support employees from home. This will give workers more flexibility, since a hybrid setup allows them to balance productivity with personal needs.

Better hygiene practices

Because of the pandemic, more people are now aware of the importance of good hygiene practices. The need to connect with other people will never change, but more of us will be aware of the proper ways to interact with one another more hygienically.

Although it may seem simple, more of us will remember to sanitize our hands after we’ve touched something, cover our mouths whenever we sneeze or cough, and wash our hands frequently – all of which are welcome changes that will have a positive effect on cleanliness and our health in the long run.

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