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The art of the virtual home tour

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If you’re planning on selling your house in the midst of a raging pandemic, there’s nothing to fear. Thanks to the fast thinking and quick action of the real estate industry, selling Charlotte, NC real estate like yours will remain stress-free and, more importantly, be much safer than pre-pandemic home-selling strategies.

The one place that this coronavirus cannot reach is the digital world, and this is the platform where 99.9% of the home-selling process has been transferred to. An important segment that had to be adjusted as the need for open houses. Too risky to implement, this has now been replaced by the safer and just-as-efficient virtual tour of your home.

There are techniques you can use to up the ante on your virtual home tour. That way, you not only get the attention of potential buyers but you also prep yourself for a profitable deal at closing time.

The Valarie R. Brooks Real Estate team shares with you these tips on how to create and launch a virtual home tour that will catch any potential buyer’s eye:

Choose your virtual tour creator

These are two of the most popular tools available for you to create a digital tour of your home:

Zillow’s 3D Home app

Probably the most inviting feature of this iOS app is that it’s free and downloadable via Google Play. You can choose to take videos and photos using either your iPhone or a 360-degree camera. The app is quite user-friendly and provides prompts on the steps to take in capturing your home in the best way possible. Once you’re done, you can share your creation on any available platform where you want to market your home, from Zillow and Trulia to your social media app – even via text or email.


Paying to subscribe to Matterport’s services will get you stunning visuals of your home that will blow any potential home buyer’s breath away. It basically transforms your home into a detailed and highly interactive 3D representation. The app used to solely rely on 360-degree cameras to capture every nook and cranny of your home. However, it has recently made itself more accessible via an iOS version.

Know the difference between a virtual tour and a video tour

These two may be similar as both can be used in marketing houses for sale in North Charlotte, NC but the difference lies in the level of interaction. The video tour is handled by a presenter who makes their way through the house’s living spaces and exteriors. You are there only as a spectator.

The virtual tour, meanwhile, allows the audience to “walk” around the house (assisted or not) at any time they want – even zoom in on some specific features or look up to see ceiling details. Some may even provide a Q&A at the end of the video so that the potential buyer can shoot questions at the home seller or their agent.

Find a digital-savvy real estate expert to help you

The best professionals in the local real estate industry would have already made that switch to digital and thus, can easily help you in creating your virtual home tour. For this endeavor, you can meet the team of Valarie R. Brooks Real Estate and discuss your requirements. We can help guarantee your home-selling success. Call 704.488.5458 or email Valarie(at)ValarieRBrooks(dotted)com for details