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The Right Price Tag on your Home Can Spell Great Resale Profits

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Be Realistic

When the time comes to sell your home, you want to maximize your profit. Many sellers mistakenly believe the best way to see a return on their investment is to start out with a high asking price and lower it only if and when such action becomes necessary. In the long run, however, those who start with unrealistically high price tags on their home can end up losing money rather than raking it in. Real estate agents in Charlotte, NC, say that it is not uncommon for sellers to believe their home is worth more than it actually is. Don’t overestimate your home’s value. Take a realistic approach. 

A Buyer’s Market, Even When it Isn’t

When you get right down to it, regardless of the state of the economy, sales can’t happen without willing and able buyers. Regardless of what you believe your home should sell for, if buyers aren’t willing or can’t afford to pay what you are asking, your home will stay on the market. It is that simple. Charlotte, NC real estate is in demand because it is priced competitively and sellers understand the market, making it easier for both parties to facilitate transactions.

Do Your Homework

Take a look at comparable Charlotte sale in your area and make note of their asking prices versus final sale prices. If you have the opportunity, attend open houses and familiarize yourself with the market. This amounts to sizing up the competition, and it is a good way to know what you are up against as well as adjust your expectations.

Be Competitive

If you want to see a nice return on your home investment, make it stand out. Your home needs to be in good repair if it is going to sell for a reasonable price, so it goes without saying that you need to be on top of all the basics and more. Fencing, landscaping, roofing, plumbing, electricity and interior integrity are all crucial areas of a home that can’t be neglected if an owner hopes to sell for a good price.

Upgrades require time and investment, but they pay off, too. It is worth your while to modernize your home and undertake a few profitable upgrades. The most profitable home and property upgrades involve the kitchen, bathroom, flooring and façade. Statistically, the kitchen is the indoor area that matters most to buyers. As for the exterior, you want to present a modern, well maintained home, and according to the experts, garage doors are the exterior portion most likely to draw attention.

Charlotte houses for sale are excellent examples of agents and owners acknowledging the importance of a home’s general state of repair. Buyers don’t usually want the hassle or cost of undertaking repairs or upgrades themselves. They want a home that is move-in ready. In places like Charlotte, where history meets the present, even older homes are typically presented as contemporary and up to date, because that’s what sells.