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Coorful Dress White ChairAs an accomplished Real Estate Business Owner, Valarie R. Brooks prides herself on providing superior service and possessing excellent sales attributes that deliver results.   Her proven track record of driving top real estate sales while ensuring effective collaboration with vendors, co-workers, and clients to build positive and cohesive business relationships in various markets keep her at the forefront of the Real Estate Industry.  She is an ambitious self-starter and is aligned with a motivated and determined team ready to embrace new challenges and make significant contributions to the Real Estate Industry.

Her career spans over eighteen years, where in that time, she has cumulatively produced over $3 billion in real estate sales.  She has won numerous awards including volume producing awards for closed production sales in excess of $50 million in a single year.  Valarie was chosen amongst numerous candidates to represent Charlotte and its surrounding areas as HGTV’s Charlotte Real Estate Expert.

Valarie graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Minor is Psychology. Valarie knows 100% of the information.  Valarie works hard, but also has a keen sense of humor.

“Throughout the years of building my successful businesses, I have learned that doubt kills more dreams than failure ever could. I have dedicated my work as a Successful Business Strategist to helping entrepreneurs master their mind, heart and soul in order to find their unique talents that manifest the wealth, freedom and lifestyle they so richly deserve. My difference is that I am proven, live what I teach and have aided in the success of many. Successful people are not necessarily gifted, we work hard, learn from the best, then succeed on purpose”

Valarie R. Brooks




My success coaching strategy starts with a personality assessment.  WHY? Everyone is different! My approach is not cookie cutter.  It starts with a blueprint created for your style of receiving and giving.  It has a good mixture of being an accountability partner, providing valuable resources, motivation, support and being a sounding board. My business coaching techniques specializes in ensuring that all aspects of your life work together with the ultimate focus on ensuring that your business is profitable and successful.  I will assess where you are right now with your business and find out where you want to go.  As your effective business coach, I will help you to determine not just the direction you want your business to go in, but will also identify actionable steps to take in order to achieve the goals that you and I as a team will set.


How to start or reinvent your Business Career
How Money Works In Real Estate

How to Build a team

Contract & Negotiation

Client Attraction:  How To Attract Clients That Close

Client Retention: Keep Clients

Know You Worth:  Buyer Agency-Listing Commission

Scripts That Sell

The Art Of Networking









Sunday Evenings 8PM EST

Join Valarie R. Brooks & Destination You every 1st and 3rd Sunday for her Growth Strategy Call for Real Estate Agents looking for growth and expansion in their business.


When I made my decision to become a Realtor, I asked myself several questions. 1. How do I overcome my fear of failure? 2. Who can give the advice that I need to be a successful broker? 3. What would be the right firm to join? After reading countless articles on various websites and still not feeling very comfortable about this journey, I picked up a Pride Magazine and read an article featuring none other than Ms. Valarie R Brooks the Queen City, “QUEEN” of Real Estate! I said surely, I can get my questions answered by Ms. Brooks. After Meeting Ms. Brooks for our first coaching session, I immediately became excited and comfortable. I’m not one to trust very easily but I felt a level of trust that I have never felt before when discussing personal matters. Ms. Brooks put all my fears and worries away. She was so positive in assuring me that I was making the right choice of becoming a Real Estate Broker. She gave me valuable tools that helped me overcome my fear of failure and, achieve my dream. Not only did I become a Real Estate Broker, I’m part of the Valarie R. Brooks Real Estate Connections team and I love it!

Christie Criscoe, Broker/Realtor, Valarie R. Brooks Real Estate

Support and encouragement can come from many different sources, but I just did not quite know how and where to re-invent myself.  Valarie not only exhibited these qualities in helping and coaching me but challenged me to dig deeper. She helped me to realize that not only is failure not an option, but neither is remaining stagnant. Valarie’s wisdom matched with my desire for change, served as a catalyst for a leap into – TRANSFORMATION!!!!  Without Valarie’s input as a Success Coach my goals would have remained untapped. “Life is change, growth is optional.” With Valarie’s coaching, tools and resources, I have chosen to Grow!

Shanitra Carter, Master’s in Human Resource Student

When people ask me how I was able to go from the part time office assistant to a top producing real estate broker, I simply say “Valarie R Brooks and a little determination.” You see I didn’t have it any easier because I worked in the office.  In fact, I had to prove myself just like every other coaching client Valarie had before me. I had to pay like everyone else, do the work like everyone, and be a ready and be a willing participant in growth and learning. Now I reap the benefits like so many before me. Valarie tailored her coaching style to fit my situation. Which this is done for everyone.  Some people learn better by just hearing things while others learn better by writing things down and then you have those that are a combination of the two. Whatever learning style you have, Valarie will definitely accommodate, as Valarie is invested in your success too.

Nykole Wyatt, Broker/Realtor, Valarie R Brooks Real Estate

Valarie R. Brooks’ Coaching plan was a total upgrade from any coach that I have ever worked with.  Her hands-on approach is exactly what I needed.  My favorite success strategy was her “method to your madness” course as I was all over the place trying to grow my team as well as grow my own business.  I learned so much from Valarie and my team has grown not only in size but in knowledge. Valarie’s knowledge came from not only education but experience!  She is phenomenal!

LaTanya Davis, TD Realty, Raleigh North Carolina

In my quest to unleash my potential and expeditiously take my real estate career to the next level, I searched for a real estate coach who could help me get there.  I discovered Valarie’s website, scheduled an appointment and signed up to work with her.  During the first coaching session, she instantly read me like a book. It was actually a bit unsettling, but what she was saying was true.  Her insight helped me to make adjustments and become more focused.  I have a bit of work ahead of me but am expectant and confident that with Valarie’s help I know I will reach my goals. She has introduced me to phenomenal ways to not only grow my business but to grow as a person. She is the absolute best.

Ronalda Stover, Realtor, ERA Wilder, Sumter SC

My former profession was that of an elementary school teacher. I’ve always wanted to open a day/night care service for kids  I knew that Valarie has owned several businesses and thought that it would be smart of me to hire a business coach. I interviewed five Coaches and chose Valarie R Brooks, and she was indeed an awesome choice. I am now the proud owner of a thriving daycare! I am continuing my coaching services with Valarie and it is well worth it! She really knows business!!! She tells you exactly what steps to take and she tells you what you are doing or not doing that is getting in your own way! She’s is everything!

S Harper, Bright Beginnings Daycare, Douglasville, Georgia

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